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New photos aged 5 weeks

Babies are very curious, action and I love our Nelly ♥


AVAILABLE puff girl Eleganca Gala show home & hairless boy Enjoy Stark only to co-owner show home

Litter E

28.12.2017 | Zobrazeno: 563×
Pretty Sweet


PF 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ♥


PF 2018

20.12.2017 | Zobrazeno: 596×
Pretty Sweet



The puppies has 3weeks, grows beautifully and begins to invite the world ♥

new photos



Eleganca Gala Eskimo Eis

11.12.2017 | Zobrazeno: 558×
Pretty Sweet


We have winter puppies


more info HERE

1x PP male · 2x HL male

1x PP female · 1x HL female

Litter E

20.11.2017 | Zobrazeno: 567×
Pretty Sweet


10.11.2017 World Dog Show- Leipzing

judge: Ann Ingram(IRL)

junior class

Dolly Dancing Pretty Sweet - Excellent, TOP 5 from 11

Dolly Dancing Dolly Dancing

19.11.2017 | Zobrazeno: 606×
Pretty Sweet


4.11.2017 DuoCACIB Prague

judge: Robak Grzegorz(PL)

puppy class - 4females

Candy Girl Energy Di - VP1, TOP6 Best in show puppy (of 50+puppies)

Candy Girl


intermediate class - 2females

Dafne Milky Pretty Sweet - Exc.1, CAC, CAC ČMKU, CACIB, BOS


and started Interchampion, Czech champion, Champion ČMKU, Czech Club champion

Dafne Milky

05.11.2017 | Zobrazeno: 553×
Pretty Sweet


29.10.2017 club show KCHCCHP Prague

judge: Sabina Chiesa-Folbrecht

junior class - 5females

Dafne Milky Pretty Sweet - Exc.2, CLUB JUNIOR WINNER

Dafne Milky


champion class - 4females

CH.Jch.Arllete Kiss Pretty Sweet - Exc.2, r.CAC

Arllete Kiss


honest class - 2females

multiCH.Jch.Yamaha z Jasné hvězdy - Exc.1

05.11.2017 | Zobrazeno: 489×
Pretty Sweet


We expect puppies

Date of birth 21.11.2017

More information HERE  ♥


Litter E

11.10.2017 | Zobrazeno: 526×
Pretty Sweet


7.10.2017 Club show České Budějovice KCHN CZ

judge: D.Kuriš(SK)

junior class

Dafne Milky Pretty Sweet - Exc.1, CAJC

Dafne Milky

honest class

GCH.Ch.Jch.Yamaha z Jasné hvězdy - Exc.1, BEST IN SHOW honest class




champion class

Alaska Beauty Pretty Sweet - Exc.1/2, CAC

08.10.2017 | Zobrazeno: 506×
Pretty Sweet


24.9.2017 NVP Brno/CZ

judge: Hana Ahrens(A)

baby class - 5months today

Candy Girl Energy Di - VP1 (no final for baby)

Candy Girl

junior class - 3females in class

Dafne Milky Pretty Sweet - Exc.1, CAJC → started Czech Junior Champion

Dafne Milky

24.09.2017 | Zobrazeno: 490×
Pretty Sweet


26.8.2017 Regional dog show Džbán-Prague

judge: A.Mudra(CZ)

baby class

Candy Girl Pretty Sweet - VP1, res.BEST IN SHOW baby

Candy Girl

junior class

Dafne Milky Pretty Sweet - Exc.1, Junior class Winner

Candy and Milky


Diamant Pearl Black Pretty Sweet aka Daky - Exc.1, Junior Class Winner

daughter Milky • mother Megí • son Daky


03.09.2017 | Zobrazeno: 544×
Pretty Sweet


19.-20.8.2017 Duodanube Bratislava/SK


judge: Z.Brotánková(CZ)

minor puppy class - first show

Candy Girl Energy Di - VP1, TOP8 Best minor puppy of 38puppies (V.Vítková,SK)

started Slovak Puppy Champion

Candy Girl



judge: V.Javorčík(SK)

minor puppy class - 3,5months

Candy Girl Energy Di VP1/2, BEST MINOR PUPPY III. 22puppies(P.Márová,CZ)

°very very thank you breeder for handling

Candy Girl

junior class - 13months

Dafne Milky Pretty Sweet - Exc.2

Dafne Milky

23.08.2017 | Zobrazeno: 474×
Pretty Sweet

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